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Captaingogo’s mission is to enhance smokers’ enjoyment by producing and distributing the finest quality RYO  and MYO products in the marketplace. We ensure this in two ways; First by giving our customers a wide range of high-quality Roll-Your-Own products. Each product boasts of unique style or caters to a particular marketplace, as in the case of GoTwins which was specifically created for new emerging markets. Catchy packaging, ultra-lightweight thickness, substantial paper quality and/or enhanced mouth-watering flavouring are some of the important factors that determine the final end product that rolls out of the house of CaptainGogo.


What is deemed to be inferior goods by our team of professionals is refused to be offered to the end user. The second way we enhance the smoking experience for the end user is by adding totally new products ourselves (or with our partners) and by constantly improving existing smoking products. CaptainGogo leads the marketplace with new products. For example, in 2015 we launched the standard king size Pre-rolled cones, which is the culmination of rolling paper design and enhanced rolling techniques. You can read about it further in the products section, but in short, it’s the greatest thing to hit rolling papers since 1900.


It took us years of development to both develop this product and create the tools to make it. Through this type of innovation, we ensure that our customers get what they expect from us, and we continue to be #1 in our market segment by a large margin. Wait until you see what products we have up our sleeves for 2016! Our customers already know that “there’s always something new at captaingogo.” As opposed to our competitors whose main objective is to make themselves a LOT of money, we at CaptainGogo think the opposite, our main goal is to benefit everyone in the distribution channel.


We take great pride in developing the right products for each customer and providing the necessary support to ensure success. If you’re selling, we’re selling. At Captaingogo we strive to fulfil orders with great speed and accuracy. We recently streamlined our production and distribution system to maximize our fulfilment process.

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