How To Order

1. How To Order

Ordering the finest quality RYO (Roll-Your-Own) and MYO (Make-Your-Own) products from Moondust Paper Pvt Ltd. We have a very streamlined process of ordering rolling papers and pre-rolled cigarette paper. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to buy our high-quality cigarette pre-rolled papers:


Step 1: Select Whether You Want Pre-Rolled Or Rolling

The first step to ordering our paper is to choose the type of paper you want. There are two types of papers that you can get at our store:
·    Pre-Rolled: These are already rolled in conical shape
·    Rolling Papers: These are sheets of paper that can be rolled


Step 2: Choose The Type Of Paper

The next step is to select the type of paper you need for your rolls. We are offering three different types of rolling papers. These are:
·    13 GSM Pure Hemp Paper
·    12.5 GSM Unbleached Natural Brown
·    13 GSM Bleached White Paper


Step 3: Select The Color & Finish

The color and finish of the papers is also another important characteristic that one should consider while buying the rolling paper. Here you can find colors like brown and white and finish like:
·    Bleached
·    Unbleached
·    High gloss standard
·    Standard matte shine


Step 4: Add The Product To Cart

Once you have selected all these filters, it is time to add the product that you want to the cart. At this point, you can also check the product once again for its qualities and specification.


Step 5: Checkout

The final step is to check-out. You have various secure payment gateways that you can choose to make the payment for the product.