GoTwins Bleached White

Brand Name : Captain Gogo

Price : ₹400.00 ₹ 250.00

Paper Type : 13 GSM Bleached White Paper

Paper Decal Type : decal 1

Product Finish Type : Bleached finish


GoTwins offers the users to carry 2 papers & 2 filers in a compact and paper slim pack. The pack can also be used as a compact crushing tray. This variety of GoTwins come with Bleached white 13 gsm ultra-thin paper which is crafted from virgin fibres along with two branded filers with perforations for ease of use. Our filters are made out of the 120Gsm uncoated white paper board.
Product Details :  
  • Burn Rate - Slow

  • Dimensions:  44mm x 108mm

  • Natural Arabic Gum

  • 100% Vegan/Vegetarian

  • Paper Grammage - 13 GSM